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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

During the program's use, our users have some questions...

If you can not find the answer to your question, just contact us!



Nothing to work! What I need to do?
Unfortunately, we are not telepaths, please describe your problem in detail, we will try to help you! Also, we can help you with TeamViewer
Where can I find user manual?
You can find user manual here
Can administrators ban my account?
We do not give 100% guarantee. You use the program AS IS! BUT: We are taking all the measures that you would not be banned. Our bot is currently the most secure.
Where I can find recommendations on how to avoid ban, the functioning principle of the game protection system, recommendations on how to contact tech support?
You can read this info here
How to make a payment?
  • Open bot settings window
  • Press "Purchase"
  • Choose type of the payment, payment system, currency of payment, then click "Next"
  • Confirm the your payment details and follow the instructions of the payment system
How I can get password?

You need to send an e-mail to reset password request. In the request, you must tell your gaming nickname and server, for example: "Please reset bot password, my nickname Destroyer, server en20"

Also, you can set your e-mail address in bot settings (tab "Herald"), after this you can use automatically password recovery

When the bot ask for a password?
Password is generated during the first installation of the bot and stored in Cookies. It is advisable to keep it (you can find in the settings of the bot). The password prompt may appear in several cases: setting the bot on a new computer, install the bot on the new browser, cleaning Cookies browser, reinstall the system
Why do I need a password?
The password for the bot is not related to the game account ant it is required to protect the bot from the the administration of the game
What are the differences in the functional in a premium / social / free version of the Bot?
Premium version of the Bot  is a full version of the program, which includes all the possible functional. Social version of the program is a cheaper version of the program, which has certain restrictions. Light version is a free version of the Bot with significant limitations. You can get detailed information about the differences in functionality depending on the version of the Bot here
I have not credit card or PayPal. Can my friend pay for me?
Yes, He can. You need open bot settings and press "Purchase". You will see purchase bot web page. Copy address of this page from you borowser and send it to your friend. He can pay by this link for you bot.

If you have any questions, you can сontact us!