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Recommendations on how to avoid ban, the functioning principle of the game protection system, recommendations on how to contact tech support.


Greetings, dear players! This article is going to be about how to protect your account to the utmost from being detected and banned by the administration of the game. As we wrote earlier, we do not give 100% guarantee that you will not be banned, but for our part we take measures to protect the game, and timely update bot's safety system. If you follow the recommendations given below, you will bring to nought the chance of your account blocking.

Functioning principle of the game safety system.

To start with, let's analyze how the game safety system operates, and what the administrators see when checking your account:

  1. Your activity(how much time you have been online and how many actions you have performed during this time.) It goes without saying that if you are online the whole week and make clicks every two seconds, you are a bot! To prevent this, read the following recommendation.
  2. Captcha. Essentially, the administrators do not pay much attention on how much time you've spent entering the code or how many mistakes you've made (although this also counts), but they give importance to how many actions your bot has performed while the captcha was hanging. (It's obvious that a player manually cannot do anything at this time, but such bots as freegrepolisbot do not give a hoot about captcha, and are farming through it. Needless to say that a player in the course of several days (as luck would have it) will be banned automatically. But do not worry, our bot does not have problems with captcha.
  3. Other players complaints: "This player use BOT!" and attached screenshot with many attacks in a short time. When the "Commander" module is working in high risk intervals (+ -3 seconds ± 5 seconds) it can be found by the administrator. Using of these intervals is very risky!
  4. A routine check ends at this point, but if the Administrator decides to ban you, or if you were reported by somebody, then begins the real kicker: The Administrator examines your activity log. And yes, all your clicks are recorded, everything is set down. And he sees an interesting picture: All at once, you are farming the village, mounting an attack, and training the army in the barracks. You cannot do that manually for sure. And, if a couple of such "odd coincidences" are noticed, you are going to be banned. Currently, our bot is capable to pass this test without a hitch! (NO OTHER bots we are aware of at the time of writing this article can pass this test.)
  5. The Administrator decides to ban you at all costs. This is more difficult to handle. You might have been rude or have done a bad turn, or he has some other reasons. Unfortunately, it is difficult to do something about it, but, if you follow all our recommendations, your complaint to the project manager may end in your favor. So, do not hesitate and take a dare!

All you need to know to avoid ban.

Some advice on how to prevent ban for extra activity:

Some advice on how to avoid bans for captcha:

In the bot's pay versions "Anticaptcha" module is turned on, and it automatically enters the code for you. No other actions are required. The free version bot will completely stop its activity, and will notify you about captcha with a notification sound. After this you must as soon as possible solve the example and write the result in the field. If you systematically enter the code after every 6 hours, you risk to be banned.

Some advice on how to avoid bans for other players complaints:

Some advice on how to avoid ban for player's and bot's simultaneous activity.

General advice on how to write complaints to tech support.

You followed (didn't follow) all the recommendations, but anyway you were banned. What should you do? You should write a complaint to tech support! Some advice:

From our behalf, we wish you to follow all the recommendations, not to have to deal with wicked admins, and, as usually, to enjoy the game!
Sincerely, BotSoft.ORG Team.