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GFBot - Multifunctional bot for Grepolis.


GFBot is addon for popular online games "Grepolis". The program is smart emulator of various actions of the player. The Bot can automaticly demand/loot resources from farming villages, trade, build units, build buildings, send attacks, dodge enimies attacks, send resources to the Wonder, notify player by email etc. It bot have advanced protection system and practically can not be detected by the Game Moderators. The Bot also have "AntiCaptcha" module which enter verification code from the captcha. It has Light (absolutly free), Social and Premium versions and modules pack The program does not collect the confidential information.

Program Features

The Bot has a modular system. Let's look at modules functionality:

Module "CashKeeper"

Module "Commander"

Module "Herald"

Module Merchant

Module "Foreman"

Module "Recruiter"

Module "Docent"

Module "Wonder"

Module "AntiCaptcha"