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Install script

Link for script

Install in Mozilla Firefox

  1. Install Greasemonkey extension
  2. Restart browser
  3. Install bot script

Install in Opera

  1. Not ready yet

Install in Google Chrome

  1. Install Tampermonkey extension
  2. Reload page (CTRL+R)
  3. Install bot

Install in Safari

  1. Install the extension: NinjaKit for Safari
  2. Restart Safari
  3. Go to the link
  4. Unstallation complete
  5. Reload page (Ctrl+R)

Deinstall script

Deinstall in Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Greasemonkey setting "Manage User Scripts..."
  2. Remove "Bot for Grepolis

Deinstall in Opera

  1. Not ready yet

Deinstall in Google Chrome

  1. Open in browser "Settings - Extensions"
  2. Remove Tampermonkey

Deinstall in Safari

  1. Opne Ninja Kit and remove script "Bot for Grepolis"
  2. Remove Ninja Kit

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