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User Agreement

Downloading and using this program means that you have read and accepted the terms of the agreement stated below. You shall comply with hereby terms and you shall be liable for their violation.

Program - software posted on the website by the Administration of this project.
Administration of the project - contributors who are building, upgrading, supporting and promoting the project.
Website - set of web resources on the Internet located at domain and its third level subdomains.
User - whatever person who uses the Program.

1. Grepolis is an intellectual property of InnoGames GmbH. This is an external unofficial site.
2. According to Grepolis rules, no collecting resources bots are allowed and the player who uses them can be banned.
3. This program is absolutely free to download as is, i.e. the Project Administration doesn't guarantee that the program will: meet User's demands and expectations; operate steadily, safely, fast and with no errors.
4. User can donate to the development of the Program. Administration of the project can expand the functions of the program for that.
5. This site is solely informational and under no circumstances is a public offer specified in article 437 (2) of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.
6. The Administration of the project can amend the present Agreement without prior or subsequent notice.

1. The User shall comply with the present Agreement and opportunely familiarize with the active edition of the Agreement.
2. In case the User does not accept the valid Agreement, he shall not use the program and thereafter delete it.
3. The user shall not examine the code or create derivative products based on this Program or its parts.
4. In case you detect any errors or have any suggestions on how to improve this Program, you can write in Feedback section or send us an email. It should be remembered that these messages have the nature of "wishes", i.e. the project Administration can decline your proposal or leave a question unsolved.
5. The User cannot sell this Program.
6. The User shall not commit any illegal or maleficent acts.
7. The User has the right to donate funds for project development.

1. Project Administration shall not be liable for User's acts whether it is a direct or indirect damage sustained either by the User himself or by the third parties.
2. Project Administration shall not be liable if, as a consequence of using this Program, User's account will be blocked, deleted or some restrictions will be imposed by Grepolis Administration.
3. The Administration of the project shall be entitled to fully or partially restrict or change Program functionality for technical, technological, preventive or other reasons as well as in its absolute discretion, with or without prior notice.
4. The Administration of the project can block User's access to the Program without giving an explanation.
5. In case of a loss of password the Administration of the project provides activation data free of charge. Such measures are only taken once the User has contacted the project Administration.
6. The Administration of the project shall not be liable for any illegal or maleficent actions of the User.
7. Under no circumstances the Administration of the project accounts for any (direct or indirect) damage or loss sustained by the User or other parties as a result of use or inability to use this Program.